January 18, 2007 at 10:43 pm 6 comments

One has to ask if George Bush has cooties? Members of his own party are abandoning him in droves of his ridiculous plan to escalate the war in Iraq by sending additional American troops. A number of key congressional Republicans including Olympia Snowe of Maine and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska have come out in support of a non-binding resolution urging the president not to send more troops. And now one of Bush’s close advisors is admitting that the war is going to harm the GOP politically.

From Robert Novak:

This hastens the desire of Republicans, who once cheered the Bush Doctrine in the Middle East, to remove U.S. forces from a politically deteriorating condition as soon as possible. “Iraq is a black hole for the Republican Party,” a prominent party strategist told me this week. What makes his comments so important is that he is not a maverick Republican in Congress but one of Bush’s principal political advisers.

This war has been a disaster from the beginning. The Republicans lost control of Congress because and with Bush and John McCain insisting on escalating the war, the GOP is going to face increased hostility from voters in 2008


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MoveOn Ad Slams McCain War Escalation Plan Retired Generals Oppose Escalation of War

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  • 1. D.A.  |  January 18, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    Members of his own party are abandoning him in droves????? That is hilarious. Olympia Snowe from Maine…come on, the Farthest Right Winger in Maine would be on the Far Left in many states…Maine is such a Liberal state that even the Republicans are Liberal.

    Chuck Hagel, come on…he is speaking out because he wants President in front of his name come 2008 and he views the Democrats as not having a strong, viable candidate so he thinks he can spout off against Bush and gain support from some Democrats.

    Newsflash for you: Pelosi is not blocking the funding because whether or not they want to admit it, the Democrats have NO PLAN.

    I would not consider capturing Saddam Hussein a disaster, and like I stated earlier about Pelosi, then shouldn’t the Democrats face increased hostility from voters in 2008 as well if they do nothing, you know develop an actual plan of their own. Or will the 2008 Presidential hopeful take the Kerry Approach…I’ll tell you my plan IF you elect me?

  • 2. bloggernista  |  January 18, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    What, are you saying that there is a purity test for being a conservative? Snowe is definitely a Republican whether or not you want to admit it. She just happens not to be a wingnut extremist.

    Hagel has about as much chance of being elected president as I do and I can only count on votes from me and my grandmother.

    Yeah, Saddam was captured. But remember it was Osama bin Laden who masterninded the attacks of 9/11, not Saddam. Bush can’t call mission accomplished when he has not been able to a 6’5″ tall man riding a donkey and carting around a dialysis machine.

  • 3. D.A.  |  January 18, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    You obviously have no connections or if you do, then you obviously do not have any understandings of the state of Maine. Snowe can say she is a Republican, but she is no more of a Republican than what I am BLACK. Surely you’ve heard of the term RINO, Republican in Name Only. Once again, Maine is a VERY Liberal State and yes, even the Republicans in Maine are basically Liberal.

    Hagel is getting some major looks at by people throughout the Midwest as well as VA, NC, SC. Again, like I said earlier, he is looking for support in future races from people on the fence.

    Come on man, are you talking about the War on Terror or are we talking about the War in Iraq? The War in Iraq was a ‘mission accomplished’ being that the mission was to capture Saddam Hussein and guess what, the bastard has been dead going on 3 weeks now!!!!! Where we have struggled is not knowing the resistance that we would be faced with, not even a Democrat could have predicted this as the Clinton Administration, John Kerry, Hilary Clinton have all spoken out about needing to stop Saddam.

    Bush not getting bin Laden is a cheap shot, he has had far less opportunities than Willie had, but Willie was too concerned with Monica earning her ‘Presidential Kneepads’.

  • 4. bloggernista  |  January 18, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    I have spent time in Maine working on a political campaign and while I don’t pretend to have a completely understand the state, I believe Snowe when she says that she is a Republican. I don’t believe its that Maine is so liberal, its just that the GOP has been coopted by batshit crazy extremists like James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Rick Santorum.

    I am quite aware that the War on Terror and the war in Iraq are different things. Its the Bush administration that regularly conflates the two. Bush stated that the mission of the war in Iraq was to create a democracy and that has clearly filed with the civil war that is now raging. I guess Bush did not fill that the military had enough to do regarding te war on terror that he felt it necessary to invade Iraq. And if they did not expect resistance, they need to go back to War Planning 101 cause anytime you invade a country and don’t expect resistance you’ve got to be dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • 5. D.A.  |  January 18, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    LGBT cannot truly be considered a ‘Political campaign’ and if you are going to mention the Dobsons, Falwells, Santorums of the GOP then please do not overlook the Gores, Frankens, Deans of the DNC.

    Mission was to create a democracy…3 Elections seems like a Democracy to me, more jobs since the invasion from 4,000 to 38,571 businesses, more schools set up, more voter rights for Women (why is it Liberals support Womens rights in the U.S., but not in Iraq?).

    It is not that the Bush Administration did not expect resistance, it is the kind of resistance we are getting. Like I said, not even a Democrat could have predicted a resistance such as this.

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