Celebrating Gayness

June 10, 2007 at 8:10 am Leave a comment

LGBT people and straight allies are celebrating Pride this weekend in D.C. and even for an old timey queen like me its been an incredibly emotional experience. Its been a little more than two decades since I am came out at age 16. I have worked through a lot of guilt, been beaten up all through high school for being a faggot, gotten arrested for protesting funding for HIV/AIDS issues, fell in love, spent serious time as a professional homosexual and help to pass some gay civil rights legislation. Despite all of that, there were many times I was practically tears by the overwhelmingly sense of love, hope and community that were on display everywhere.

But, its not just D.C. celebrating gayness. All over the world the gays are protesting, rallying, marching, comming together at parties and community forums. One of the most innovative celebrations of LGBT pride was organized by Youtube superstar William Sledd. Sledd is the creator of the hysterical and popular series Ask a Gay Man. About a week ago William put up a message about gay pride and asked Youtube viewers to respond.

To date, the video has gotten more than 770,000 views, received more than 25,000 text comments and nearly 300 video responses. And, the responses are not just coming from the usual gay suspects. There are lots and lots of comments from gay youth and straight people who are sticking up for their gay friends. Its incredibly beautiful to see.

Here is William’s video followed by a couple of responses. Feel free to leave the link to your favorite responses in the comments section. For more info on coming out visit HRC.

Much love: QueerSighted


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