Legacy of Service

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You know that the tide is turning on the military’s anti-gay ban when conservative icon Bob Barr comes out against it. We have Barr to thank for the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act which he wrote while he was a member of the House of Representatives. In an oped in the Wall Street Journal, Barr says

 Last week’s forum of 10 Republican presidential hopefuls offered the country some troubling insight into the thinking of leading GOP candidates. In particular, the five who responded to questions about the Clinton-era “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy governing military service by gays and lesbians showed a disturbing move away from conservative principles, in favor of what smells strongly of political expediency or timidity.      

While Barr is making a rare bit of sense, openly gay former service members kicked off a national tour in Iowa Legacy of Service to point out just how un-American it to ban qualified men and women from the military simply because they love someone of the same sex. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell forces gay and lesbian soldiers to lie about who they are in order to serve their country. Its a wicked piece of crap that needs to go the way of the Republican majority in Congress.Here are a few facts about how much Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is costing our country:

  • Nearly 800 specialists with critical skills have been fired from the U.S. military under DADT, including 323 linguists, 55 of whom specialized in Arabic (Government Accountability Office report).
  • At least 65,000 gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans are already protecting our homeland (Urban Institute report). More than 10,000 have been discharged under DADT since the policy was implemented in 1993.
  • American taxpayers have paid between $250 million and $1.2 billion to investigate, eliminate and replace qualified, patriotic service members who want to serve their country but can’t because expressing their sexual orientation violates DADT (Government Accountability Office report). That money could be better spent on at least a dozen Black Hawk helicopters, armored plates for tanks and Humvees or Kevlar body armor for troops.
  • U.S. military forces cannot afford to lose any troops who can do their jobs, as evidenced by recent call-ups of the Army Reserve.

More information Legacy of Service here.
In case you missed it: Ban the Military Ban


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