Karl Rove and Gay Rights

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Karl Rove claims that he is resigning from his post in the Bush administration for the sake of his family. He says this even as he has been a ringleader in efforts to destroy families headed by same-sex couples with the Federal Marriage Amendment and state level anti-gay amendments. The FMA would have for the first time in U.S. history amended the Constitution to discriminate against a group of American citizens.

The state level constitutional amendments that have passed in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas and Ohio prohibit marriage, civil unions and in some cases domestic partnerships as well.

Rove was part of the anti-gay Republican machine used LGBT people and our families as wedge issues to divide the American electorate and build their political power. It didn’t seem to matter to Rove one bit that his stepfather who raised him when his biological father left his family was gay.

But Karl’s senior year in high school, his father landed a big job with Getty Oil in Los Angeles, and he was to come home on Christmas Eve and tell the family about the big plans to move down to Los Angeles, and happily ever after, moving from Salt Lake City. But there was an argument that ensued behind closed doors, and Louis Rove left, and he was not there for Christmas Day, which also happens to be Karl’s birthday. And it turned out many years later that Louis — not many years later. Many years later I found out about it. But Louis Rove went to Los Angeles and decided to live openly as a gay man. He had been gay all of his life, but had repressed it and had tried to live as a heterosexual, but he decided to live the second half of his life openly as a gay man.

He retired to Palm Springs, California. And when he passed away, there was no — his friends, many retired gay men there who were close friends with Louis Rove, were unaware of any memorial service. Karl has taken exception with what my book says, that there was no public memorial service. Karl indicates I’m trying to claim that there was no service at all whatsoever. That’s not the case. However, it seems as though Karl was trying to suppress and continues to suppress the notion that and the fact that the man who raised him, a man who he has said he had a loving, open, honest relationship with, was, in fact, a gay man.

Karl buried his father Louie Rove in July of 2004. There was no public notice in the newspaper. And then he got on the campaign plane, and he went to eleven key swing states to help facilitate the anti-gay marriage amendment around this country, which drove turnout in the last election.

Emphasis added.

More here.

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