Surprise: Haters Hate Hate Crimes Bill

August 16, 2007 at 1:10 pm 3 comments

The homo-haters at the American Family Association will stop at nothing to stop passage of a federal hate crimes bill that includes LGBT people. Now comes the claims that passage of the hate crimes bill will lead to the “criminalization and civil sanction of the biblical view of homosexuality.” By “biblical view of homosexuality” of course they mean their ability to preach hatred of LGBT people from the pulpit. There is nothing in the hate crimes bill that will prohibit that. But, why should they let the truth get in the way of a compelling, victimizing narrative.

To further (mis)state their case, AFA is now circulating the video below featuring an elderly British couple who claim that police officers visited their home and threatened them after they called their local council in opposition to gay literature. Cause, you know, the police are nothing more than the enforcers for the world wide expansion of the gay agenda.

The Senate will be considering the hate crimes bill when Congress returns from its August district work period. Its going to be an uphill battle to get the bill passed and your help is needed to give the members of the Senate the courage to stand up for what’s right and vote for the bill. Contact your Senator here.

Terrance at Republic of T is in the midst of an amazing project compiling information on hate crimes. Check it out here.


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  • 1. few4th  |  August 16, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    I don’t think a hate crime bill is necessary. The motivation for your crime shouldn’t be a factor in the sentencing of the criminal. Let’s say there are two identical assaults. In the first case, the person committing the crime does so because they were angry at the victim. In the second case, the victim is gay or hispanic or whatever, and the crime is simply committed because the person committing the crime doesn’t like gays or hispanic or whatever. Aren’t the crimes the same? Why should one be treated differently? And is this really fair to the victim that wasn’t a victim of a “hate crime”? Rather than adding sexual orientation as a protected class along with race and religion, why don’t we get rid of the hate crime designation completely? I just don’t understand why we don’t just throw the book at anyone who commits a crime, regardless of motivation. A scum bag is a scum bag.

  • 2. mirth  |  August 16, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks for presenting this.
    Let’s take it a step farther.

    American Family Association (chairman, Donald E. Wildmon) contact info:

    Tell them what you think.

  • 3. Bloggernista  |  August 16, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    Few4th, a scumbag maybe a scumbag, but when the scumbag targets his/her victim because they are gay, Latino or Jewish, it adds a whole other dimension.

    As a Black gay man, I have to worry not just about the random crimes that can happen to any like a mugging or a robbery. I also have to be concerned about being attacked because I am Black or because I am gay. That adds another layer of possible violence directed at me because of who I am.

    Its also important to recognize that bias-motivated attacks are really about terrorizing a whole group of people. Attacks against gay people are focused not just on the gay person attacked, but are really meant to force the rest of to live in a state of fear.

    Hate crimes laws are definitely needed and definitely need to be expanded. They don’t just protect people of color and hopefully soon LGBT people, but also will be used when a white person is attacked because of their race or a heterosexual person is attacked because of their sexual orientation.


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