Larry Craig’s “Bathroom Buddy” Comes Forward

August 29, 2007 at 9:32 am 2 comments

More information is coming out (ha-ha) about the Larry Craig bathroom arrest scandal. Senator Craig says “I am not gay. I have never been gay.” But, the Idaho Statesman is reporting that he was at least gay for a while with a 40 year old professional with close ties to Republican officials.

This man told the Idaho Statesman about a bathroom experience that he had with Craig in D.C.’s Union Station which is a short distance from the Capitol. Here is a quote from the transcript:

“Upon walking into Union Station one day, I made eye contact with a well-dressed older gentleman whom I recognized as Sen. Craig. We, after having made eye contact for 30 seconds or so, we began walking towards one of the restrooms in Union Station.

“I followed him in there. We went to the urinals, where we both unzipped …

“The restroom became busy, too busy to do anything. So we zipped up and then followed each other to the second restroom in Union Station, where we began the same process. And had a — I also performed fellatio for a very, very short amount of time, as that restroom became busy as well. At that point we both zipped up and left and went on our separate ways.

More including audio here.

Also check out what Keith Olbermann has to say.

Much love: Queerty


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  • 1. Princess Val. Desmondo  |  August 29, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Ah yes another Republican closet case has the door pulled open. Big surprise. When will the RNC buy some new Gaydar equipment? Just when I thought all hope was lost though, The Washington Post posted a step-by-step plan to rebuild Larry Craig’s credibility… I don’t think it’ll work, but it’s always worth a try.

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    […] to Toe-tapping in the Boy’s Room in honor of all the toe-tapping Republican closet cases like Larry Craig, Bob Allen and Joey […]


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