The Most Feared Man on the Hill?

September 4, 2007 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

The Washington Post has a great profile of blogger Mike Rogers who was far ahead of the curve in outing Larry Craig and revealing the hypocrisy in his seeking male sex partners as he amassed one of the most anti-gay records in the Senate.

Mike has done a heroic job helping to reveal the names of more than anti-gay elected officials and political operatives who have advocated or done support work to advance an anti-gay agenda even as they had relationships and sex with people of the same sex. Most of the hypocrites that Mike has exposed are Republicans and he promises new revelations before the 2008 elections.

One of the most interesting parts from the article concerns former GOP national field director Dan Gurley who Mike outed shortly before the 2004 election in which Republicans were using anti-gay state constitutional amendments to get the GOP base to the polls.

To some of the people on Rogers’s list, such as former GOP official Dan Gurley, Rogers is “despicable.”

Rogers blogged about Gurley, the former national field director at the Republican National Committee, in September 2004. Gurley, as Rogers tells it, had signed off on an RNC flier sent to conservative voting districts that shows one man proposing to another man. “The GOP wanted to scare voters. ‘Look what will happen if the Democrats win!’ ” Rogers says. Gurley, however, says that he raised objections to the flier and that it wasn’t his decision.

“What was I supposed to do?” Gurley says in an interview. He adds: “Who does Rogers think he is? God? What gives him the right to bully people around and tell us what to think or how to conduct our lives?”

Take Gurley’s quotes and replace Mike’s name with that of pretty much any member of the Republican leadership and you begin to get at the heart of the matter.

Who does Rogers George Bush or Mitch McConnell or Saxby Chambliss think he is? God? What gives him them the right to bully people around and tell us what to think or how to conduct our lives?

Larry Craig, Dan Gurley, Representative David Drier and others have used their political power to bully LGBT Americans and tell us how to conduct our lives while evidence mounts that they are gay or bisexual themselves.

Read the profile of Mike here.


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