Fred Thompson Makes It Official

September 6, 2007 at 8:51 am 4 comments

After months of playing hard to get, Fred Thompson has finally announced his bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency. But, while the other Republican candidates were engaged in a debate on Fox Noise, Thompson was cozying up to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

Being a Republican presidential candidate, he has little love for the gays. He goes with the standard issue “tolerance, not ‘special rights’ ” rhetoric that is so popular amongst those who regularly vote to maintain special rights for heterosexuals.

As Towleroad has pointed out:

Thompson’s voting record on gay rights is not surprising. He voted “no” on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation, he voted “yes” on DOMA, he voted “no” on a federal bill to prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, and his position on a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is “against”, preferring to let the states decide.

He has said: “I think that we ought to be a tolerant nation. I think we ought to be tolerant people. But we shouldn’t set up special categories for anybody. And I’m for the rights of everybody, including gays, but not any special rights.”


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  • 1. PookyShoehorn  |  September 7, 2007 at 8:01 am

    Fred Thompson is finally officially running? Yawn.

    He’s just another creepy old white guy in the Republican lineup.

  • 2. Bloggernista  |  September 8, 2007 at 7:37 am

    Yeah, that’s really not all that exciting news. His fundraising is not all that hot either.

  • 3. Bill Perdue  |  September 8, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    Freddie Thompson, the doddering Reagan sequel and antigay bigot gives the GOP a perfect score. Zero. Rudy, in and out of drag, takes one step forward and three steps backward every time he discusses gay and lesbian issues. Romney sucked up to gay voters in gay bars in gay friendly Massachusetts but now he’s leaping to the right so fast he’ll be accessorizing with swastikas before it’s over. McCain flew attack missions against the Vietnamese during LBJ’s murderous and illegal war. and now wants to be Commander in Chief and organize the murder of Iraqis. He needs to be institutionalized. And there’s some twit from Arkansas, but he doesn’t play the sax like the other one twit, so who cares?

    Opposed are Democrats unanimous in their opposition to full equality for gays and lesbians, who’d extend or even enlarge the war in the Persian Gulf or are opposed to the full and immediate withdrawal of troops. Edwards invested his $29.5 million fortune (it’s so mysterious; how DO politicians manage to get so rich?) in a mortgage company that’s currently foreclosing on Katrina victims. After being exposed by the WSJ said he wouldn’t do it anymore. Clinton agrees with Bush’s almost completed plan to use nukes against Iran and his opposition to the Cuban Revolution.

    So, pinch your nose and take your pick between the Democrat/Republicans and the Republican/Democrats. Or, don’t to vote for your enemies, vote for socialist, communist or anticapitalist green parties, or vote for and help build the US Labor Party, funded and controlled by trade unions.

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