Another Anti-Gay Attack

September 9, 2007 at 11:25 am 1 comment

I know that we American gays think that we got it so good here, but anti-gay attacks like this one in Seattle proves that we don’t.

Geske is a tall man—6’ 2”, 180 pounds—but he says his attacker was taller than him, and proceeded to hit him several more times in the face. “I fell against the car,” Geske told me. “My arm ended up inside of their window, which was down… The passenger grabbed onto my arm, and they just peeled out driving real fast. I just remember staring at my roommate on the sidewalk, trying to figure out what was going on. It happened in like five seconds, all of this.”

Geske had been drinking, he said, but “all of a sudden I was completely sober, realizing I was driving along the ground.”

He was dragged, he said, for several blocks, past the Jack in the Box at the intersection of Broadway and Denny, past Dick’s Drive-In. He finally pulled himself free at the intersection of Broadway and John. “I freed myself loose and kind of rolled away onto the ground,” Geske told me. “They were gone real quick.”

A witness told police that she heard the people in the car calling Geske and his roommate “faggots” and “homos.”

Meanwhile our Republican president has threatened to veto the federal hate crimes bill should the Democrats in the Senate be able to overcome Republican opposition to the bill and get it passed. The Republican leadership so hates LGBT Americans that they are actively working to defeat a bill that would say that it is wrong to physically attack LGBT people.

The warm embrace of the Republican Party surely must explain why there seems to be more gays in the GOP than in Boytown, Chelsea, Dupont Circle and WeHo combined, right?


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  • 1. Christopher  |  September 9, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    As I’ve said before, such stories bring out my inner NRA membership and I’ve never held a gun before.

    It’s too bad the victim wasn’t armed. He could’ve put a bullet in the asshole’s brain. When enough violent homophobes get popped with the angry bullets of gay men and lesbians no longer willing to be their victim, maybe this sort of thing will become rare.


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