I’m Feeling So Much Safer (Not)

September 25, 2007 at 6:22 am 1 comment

In their constant campaign rhetoric to scare the beejeebus out of voters and win elected office Republicans often say that the country would be so much safer with them in power than the Democrats. Well reading newspapers this morning sure as hell doesn’t make me feel safer walking the streets of America.

Police in Washington, D.C. where I live are investigating the third anti-gay attack in as many weeks including a transgender teen being thrown through a plate glass window, a man followed from a gay bar and attacked by three men and another man attacked by two men hurling anti-gay slurs.

White supremacists posted the names and addresses of some of the Black students and their families involved in the Jena 6 case and urge whites to “drag them out of the house.” The leader of a white power group then posted an interview with the mayor of Jena who praised white supremacists for organizing demonstrations to counter those demanding justice for the Jena 6.

And after years of the Bush administration and congressional Republicans cutting federal funding for local law enforcement agencies, the F.B.I. is reporting the first steady increase in violent crime since 1993.

It may not be fair to lay the blame for each of these at the feet of the Republican Party, but their constant trafficking in election campaigns of intolerance have definitely stoke the level of anxiety, fear and distrust across the U.S. From their unholy alliance with white evangelical extremists who spout biblically twisted anti-gay hate speech disguised as “family values” to the racially coded language used to appeal to the whites in Southern states and the “starve the beast” mentality that has been used to justify tax cuts for the rich that have decimated funding domestic programs, the Republicans have subverted the common good for personal greed.

And its going to get worse. As the election cycle moves us closer to November 2008, Republicans and the assorted right-wing extremists who make up the party’s base will increase their attacks against immigrants, LGBT people, the majority of Americans who oppose the Iraq war and people of color. And God only knows what other dirty political tricks they are going to pull out of their Rovian sleeves as election day approaches.


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