Larry Craig: Clinging to a Lie

October 18, 2007 at 8:15 am 1 comment

Andrew Sullivan nails it in his post on the Larry Craig interview with Matt Lauer. Craig grew up in a time in which many LGBT people could not even conceive of the possibility of living an open and honest life with full emotional and sexual relationships with people of the same gender. In some cases they committed suicide. In other cases, like Craig, they created lives based on an elaborate web of lies that not only ensnared them, but also the husbands and wives they unwittingly bring into their deception.

Craig was seeking in that toilet stall a connection, a shard of intimacy, that the world would not give him, or that he could not give himself. No one should have to live without that intimacy and dignity – no one. Living a life like that – a deeply lonely, compromised, painful interior existence – is a very sophisticated form of hell. No human can keep it up for ever. No human should have to keep it up for ever.

As I said in a comment to a post on Bilerico, I hope that LGBT youth see Craig and the outright fiasco that his life has become and think “I don’t want my life to be like that.”

Larry Craig is a hypocrite and by his legislative action against any and all LGBT civil rights legislation has hurt LGBT Americans. But, there is something so incredibly sad about watching him cling with such desperation to the closet.

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