Now That Romney’s Gone Who’s Going to Kick Around the Gays?

February 8, 2008 at 9:55 am 8 comments

Mitt Romney ended his presidential campaign yesterday after spending some $17 million of his personal fortune on the race. Being Mitt, he could not leave without taking a parting shot at gay families and foaming at the mouth about “protecting” marriage.

The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and father. Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of a nation. I wonder how it is that unelected judges, like some in my state of Massachusetts, are so unaware of this reality, so oblivious to the millennia of recorded history. It is time for the people of America to fortify marriage through constitutional amendment, so that liberal judges cannot continue to attack it!

Mitt maybe out of the running for the presidency this cycle, but fear not. Whipping up anti-gay hysteria to garner the votes of right-wing evangelicals will undoubtedly be a part of John McCain’s campaign in the general election.


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  • 1. jonolan  |  February 8, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Romney’s right about the overall benefit of a two parent heterosexual family when it comes to raising children. In a broad sense – individuals vary and can be used to attack any argument – hetero families are better for children. This is proven by history and evolution.

    From a political perspective though, the question becomes is it in any way the Govt’s right or responsibility to mandate that only the biologically / evolutionarily best family unit is allowed?

  • 2. Michael Crawford  |  February 8, 2008 at 10:50 am


    Come off that ‘hetero families are better for children” stuff. Its just not true. Just because they are more common does not make them better.

    More than a dozen of the most prominent groups dealing with families and children are strong supporters of gays adopting kids including the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and the Academy of Family Physicians. You can read some of their professionals here:

  • 3. jonolan  |  February 8, 2008 at 11:18 am

    I maintain that it is historically and evolutionarily proven that a heterosexual couple is better for the children than a homosexual couple – on the general average. I will gladly also say that a homosexual couple is better for the children than a single parent of either gender. Of course this is all based on biology, not PC pseudo-sociology funded by the radical left.

    Note also that my stance is the Govt is not necessarily mandated to enforce what is best for the species. Personally I’m not that bothered by the situation, but am interested in non-partisan longterm studies.

  • 4. proudprogressive  |  February 8, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Two Loving adults, is better for children period ! – two parents to provide a safe secure home. Gender is irrelavent. The quality of the team work between parents is what matters. Do they treat eachother with respect, is it a loving relationship, free of voilence, and exploitation. Is the home structured , stable, predictable, Thats all children require, beyond predictable food , shelter , and support. The male female construct is just that a construct…Families are created by two adults plus aunts uncles , friends of the family, and extended families. Since the beginning of human history..people lived in groups, groups nutured children, villages nutured children..Evolution has proven NOTHING, and currently if one really assess what is going on in many heterosexual marriages – there are some pretty sick and abusive things going down , so just be virtue of being “male and female ” there is NOTHING to proof its a healthy environment for children NOTHING. And i would go a step further , that ONE single parent , with a decent paying job, can do a lot better then some of the dysfunctional couples that breed out there. If a same gender couple has the desire to parent, rest assured they have thought about this life long committment.

    As a society we should be ashamed we let children bounce around in a foster care system , where they are OFTEN ABUSED, and exploited for the state money they bring in..vs. letting loving lgbT couples adopt. Who suffers then, only the children really.

  • 5. proudprogressive  |  February 8, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    As for the post topic, who will kick around the gays’ …any rethug thats elected thats who..and we get to share the lovely position of being a political football now, with anyone with the dumb luck of having an hispanic surname. True to fascist nations , qualities, and human behavior , there has just got to be a scapegoat. McCain made sure to honey up to the fundi WACK JOB cults, Huckabee, is so christian he wants to care for the poor, and change the constitution to fit the bible..Lovely…just lovely…I gotta laugh even if the theocrats managed to do that, .they would cheery pick from the OLD testiment, to send us back to the stone age. The new testiment, mine as well have not be writtten as all the love and peace in it is conveniently discarded, while the old testiment is MIS INTERPRETED on a regular basis…did you know that the City of Sodem’s major “sin” was a lack of hospitality ? It had NOTHING to do with sexuality , that was mentioned once…what is repeated through out , is their “sin” was the lack of generosity towards strangers.. Its time the cultists of the christian sects were really told to get away from the political table, go practice their freedom to believe whatever the heck they want to …but do in their CHURCHES , not our public sector. They already feel persecuted, well, if they kept their nutty beliefs to themselves maybe their road would be easier…they are certainly not witnessing for jesus – they are witnessing for their own peculiar biblical interpretations, for political gain…frankly they are a disgrace to the new testiment.

  • 6. Webster  |  February 8, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Almost every gay person I know was raised by two heterosexual parents, jon-o-loon. What’s that tell you? Extrapolate the way you do, it would mean that heterosexual parents are responsible for teh gay population!

    My son is a flaming heterosexual. And one of the most terrific human beings I know. Geez, I’m so sick of Right Wing newspeak and their ignorant talking points.

  • 7. jonolan  |  February 8, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    Webster, if homosexual parents were equal or better than heterosexual parents, there would have been many more of them throughout history and in nature.

    Homosexuality is common in many species, yet seldom if ever do you see homosexual pairing raising young – even in gregarious species. In mankind’s history it is very rare as well for homosexuals to rear children, even though homophobia is a relatively recent phenomenon so there used to be no stigma preventing them from adopting.

    You’ve no reason to attack me. I’m only speaking of biological truths – or at least well-founded theories. I’ve even said that I doubt it’s the Govt’s job to intervene in such matters.


    We disagree on some points, but – as I said earlier though was apparently ignored – I’d much rather see a homosexual couple raise children than any single parent. Since, I’d rather see a single parent raise children than the foster care system, it follows that I’d rather a homosexual couple raise the kids in that event as well.

  • 8. jonolan  |  February 8, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Oh BTW, Webster – heterosexuals are responsible for virtually ALL of the population!


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