Obama: I Will Not be Swiftboated

February 8, 2008 at 7:10 am Leave a comment

Barack Obama told 60 Minutes in a interview that will be broadcast on Sunday, February 10th at 7pm EST that if he is victorious in his fight for the Democratic presidential nomination that he will be the “toughest, baddest candidate on the block.” That answer came in response to a question by Steve Kroft asking Obama who would he survive a possible “swiftboating” smear campaign from Republicans focused on race and Obama’s admitted drug use as a teenager.

Asked by Kroft if he will be able to endure attacks from “swift-boating” Republicans who may use his race or his youthful drug use against him, Obama replies, “Whoever wins this Democratic primary…they’re the toughest, baddest candidate on the block. And if I beat Senator Clinton, then I will be more than capable of beating the Republicans. And if I don’t, then she’ll be the nominee and [race or past drug use] will be a moot point.”

We can definitely expected the GOP and its right-wing surrogates to play not just the race card, but the whole racial deck of cards if Obama wins the Democratic nomination. After all, the GOP’s rise to modern political power was based on the Southern Strategy of using racially coded rhetoric and imagery to appeal to white voters. If Obama wins the nomination, we can expect ads that will make these racially charged ads used to play off the prejudices and fears of white voters look like electoral kisses.

Jesse Helms vs Harvey Gantt

Jim Corker vs Harold Ford Jr.

George Bush vs Michael Dukakis


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