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The LGBT Case for Barack Obama

There has never been a presidential nominee from either political party that is as supportive of LGBT civil rights as Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee. He has long fought for civil and equal rights for minorities including the LGBT community. And, in the presidential campaign, Sen. Obama has included LGBT Americans numerous times in his speeches.

After the jump is a list of Sen. Obama’s positions on LGBT issues.



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Find Your Center at the DC Center

I have lived in Washington, DC for nearly nine years and for much of that time I have been involved with the LGBT community initially as a pro-mo (professional homosexual) and lately on a volunteer level. In that time I can honestly say that one of the most exciting projects I have been involved with is serving on the board of directors of The DC Center.

The mission of The DC Center is to celebrate, strengthen, and support community among the GLBT residents and organizations of Metropolitan Washington, DC.

While we may not be as big or as well known as some of our sister community centers in cities like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, we provide a number of amazing programs that the LGBT community can’t find anywhere else in the District. Stay tuned for more exciting news about The DC Center including information on an upcoming community survey and details for relocating The DC Center to a newer, more accessible location.

After the jump are details on The DC Center’s main programs.


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The Gay Male Agenda

The boys at Life Lube, the smart and sexy blog covering all things gays, are at it again.

For months, they have been rattling the digital cages to generate a community wide discussion about what gay men need to realize our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now they are kicking it up a notch with a fascinating series of guest posts from activists across the country who lay out their visions for a gay men’s health agenda.


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10 Gay Documentaries Everyone Should See

As an antidote to the straight-washed version of history foisted on us by traditional media and educational institutions, I present to you 10 Gay Documentaries Everyone Should See. These ten films only begin to scratch the surface of the rich and amazing history of LGBT people. Find out more at the GLBT Historical Society.

Also check out 10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See and 10 Books Every Gay Boy Should Read.

If you have other suggestions of gay documentaries that people should see, leave the titles in the comments section.

1. Before Stonewall – shows that gay history did not begin with the Stonewall Riots, but in fact existed far before it. Through the use of archival footage and interviews, the film shows vividly what life was like when gays were forced to hide their sexuality for fear of reprisals.


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Eric Leven on Sirius

My buddy Eric Leven who writes the fantastic blog KnuckleCrack will be on Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show on today talking about “young gay activism, the current state of HIV/AIDS education and prevention campaigns, and the communication gap between older and younger gay generations.”

Eric is one of the bright lights of the younger generation of gay activists and will definitely have lots to say that is worth hearing.

Signorile’s show can be heard on Sirius radio channel 109. If you DO NOT have Sirius visit click on “listen online” and then click on Free 3 Day Trial to tune in.

Check out the interview I did with Eric Leven last fall.

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What’s on Your Gay Agenda?

The ever enterprising guys behind the gay men’s health blog Life Lube are not sitting around waiting to see who the next president is going to be. They are busy putting together a document of what our federal elected officials can do to improve the health and well-being of the GBT men’s community.

In order to get the best possible ideas, they need your help.


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Do Whatever You Want, But Do it With a Condom


That’s the message in this fantastic HIV prevention ad from the Brazilian government. The ad is aimed at younger gay man.

Can you imagine the U.S. government developing anything so sex-positive and non-judgmental?

Much love: Made in Brazil

Check out Life Lube more sticky gay goodness.

HIV Infections Rise Among NYC Young Gay Men
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“The Manual” for Sexually Active Gay Men
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gay Men’s Health
Who Says Young Gay Men Are Shallow?

March 27, 2008 at 8:04 am 4 comments

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